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Genji is the world’s premier peer-to-peer skill-based wagering platform for esports. Friends can challenge each other to one-on-one matches to win cash prizes, street cred, and much more. Any venue can host an instant esports tournament.
Our Approach

Our main challenge was to create a safe and secure wagering platform for casinos and gamers. To achieve this goal, we combined the security measures of EEG, a casino partner, and our own digital expertise to give the best user journey to our players inside the casino.

Balance between UX and Security

The hardest part to achieve was maintaining a friendly experience while at the same time ensuring the security of players. To manage this, we created the “Referee app” and trained 2 types of referees, the ones managing the players and matches and the ones managing the money.

Game community

At the same time, our passionate team of gamers at Joyjet focused on creating a sense of community and challenge for players through amazing animations and other branding elements on the Desktop app.


The team began by building a minimum viable product (MVP) of the Windows app and the referee app, which included the core features and functionality necessary for the platform to function and for the Casino to manage the event and users. After physical tests at the Casino, we then iterated on this MVP, adding new features and refining the user experience based on real feedback.


As the platform took shape, the team also worked on building the brand for the app. This included designing a logo and other visual elements like animations to attract gamers’ attention and make them feel the challenge of this incredible experience.


The live event was ultimately successful with players using a secure platform in a enjoyable place to compete, have fun and win cash!

The highest bet was $300, put on the table by each player, for an epic match on "Madden NFL 2022"

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- During the course of the project, we learned the importance of considering "dark UX" elements and finding ways to smartly hide certain information from users in order to keep them engaged in gameplay.

- We also learned the value of iterating on the MVP and gathering feedback from beta testers in order to improve the users’ phygital experience.

- Overall, the team gained valuable experience building a secure and engaging platform for skill-based esports games.


- Live stream on Twitch.

- A world-wide ranking system.

- Lists of friends and chat functionality.

- Signing-up to future tournaments.

- As well as infinite other possibilities for the next era of Esports and Wagering...

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Story behind the scene

During one of the event, the producer of "Madden NFL" (EA Sport) temporarily banned the IP address of the casino, preventing testers (before the event) from accessing the game on the machines available at the casino that were connected to the same wifi network. Our CTO quickly took action by implementing a solution that utilized VPNs and temporary IP addresses for each machine, allowing testers and then players to use fully the app seamlessly.